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Enchanted places full of adventures

Sella Nevea Mountain Experience


Have fun on the mountain and learn while doing it.

Slashing powdery snow in Sella Nevea under the forato ockno coming from bovec
Fresh snow paradise under the kanin, della mea francesco freeride
Freeride Days

You can book a day with your buddies, to explore Sella Nevea and Kanin freeride with the lifts and without.

The opportunity to discover offpiste skiing routes in the best resort of the Julian Alps.

With one of the highest snowfall averages in Europe, this small ski resort has a lot to offer on both sides of the border between Italy and Slovenia.

Adventures & Courses

We really love being on the mountain, there are many fun adventures you can join. 

snow adventures in igloos in sella nevea near the gilberti freeride skiing
sella nevea group photo of our freeride ski course in sella nevea - bovec
Ski Instructor

Hi, i'm Livio Sadoch. I've been living in Sella Nevea since 2008. I really enjoy being out on the mountain exploring and skiing. I became a ski instructor in 2013, and ever since have been dedicated to showing people how amazing this place can be, teaching them how to ski for the first time or bringing them to explore the impressive freeride areas of the resort. 

I've lived in the USA in Vermont and  spent a few summers in Chile as a ski instructor.

I like snow, i like taking pictures and making videos, and really enjoy seeing genuine smiles on peoples faces.

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