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Our mission is to teach you how to have fun on the mountain as safely as possible. During the season we offer courses to begin or improve your experience off piste and freeride skills.

Every year the dates for the courses and adventures are set and published on our        page.

and we will insert them in our calendar.

Freeride Kids

8 Saturdays out on the mountain learning new skills and making friends. The focus of the course is to have fun by doing some freeride, freestyle and skitouring, exploring the possibilities and learning about safety.


Freeride Adults

6 Amazing Days exploring the great freeride in Sella while learning about snow and rescue. Great way to begin exploring off the beaten track.

nice picture on top of the funifor of our freeride group
Most beautiful ski tracks sella nevea
snowboardig magic in pic majot in sella nevea
digging a hole i the snow, avalanche risk evaluation

Skiing tecnique
for offpiste

If you want to better your downhill tecnique for skitouring, this is a good course for you.

2 Full days of excercises and drills, to understand how to have a better time on the downhill.

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