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There are many options for skiing offpiste, both winter and spring. If you would like to explore the area with a local ski instructor you can quickly learn the best routes with the best snow conditions at that time. Contact us for information on booking your next adventure

Freeride is a way of enjoying the mountains that goes beyond the groomed slopes and trails. It requires good skiing technique and knowledge about the snow and terrain. If you would like to explore get some advice from the locals.

Sella Nevea - Kanin ski resort

Our resort connects Italian and Slovenian territory, allowing you to ski on either side, crossing the border as you please. We are based in Sella Nevea, on the Italian side, at about 1200m of altitude. On the Slovenian side is Bovec with the Soca river.

A day with Denis

Freeride Day Prices

Based on the number of the skiers/snowboarders.

300 for the day

350 up to three ppl

400 for four and five ppl

sella nevea bovec ski map promotur freeride map
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