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Sella Nevea Mountain Blog

Hello people! This is the Sella Nevea Mountain Blog!

Sella Nevea Mountain Blog is connected to the Sella Nevea Mountain Experience and will tell you a little about our home Sella Nevea and its mountains, as well as other mountain connected stories, like freeride adventures and various events and activities. There will also be a section with gear reviews, new and old, and maybe funny.

Check out our site and find us on facebook and instagram to have the latest news.

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Powder surprize!

Here is our Mission:

Sella Nevea Mountain Experience was created from the will to share and make new experiences on the snow.

It centers on magical moments, sensations, knowledge and experiences to share with a group of people; in doing so, meaningful connections are estabilished with the others and the mountain environment. We want people to learn have fun and get to know other people who have the same passion.

The ski teachers and mountain guides of the Sella Nevea Mountain Experience are professionals with a great passion to transmit their knowledge and enthusiasm so that everyone can enjoy a safe and happy mountain.

What we do is to create a space where people can try new sensations in the mountains putting safety and fun as our priority.

Sella Nevea Mountain Experience promotes initiatives to increase knowledge and respect of the mountain environment, as well as "alternative ways" to enjoy the mountains.

We have organized events like the film festival and foto contest, as well as pond skimming, sleeping in igloos, and avalanche safety and rescue courses for children and adults.

We also promote our town, Sella Nevea. A small but wonderful place that is looking for great happy mountain lovers to come and see what its all about. We do this through videos and photos on facebook, instagram and youtube and vimeo.

Send us a message and let us know if you want some info or wish to come visit.

Hope to see you soon!


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